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Welcome to Pure Abundance!  We are a full service digital marketing company that helps businesses to grow online.  We have been entrepreneurs for several years and we also own a residential redevelopment company.  In our multiple real estate endeavors, we have seen multiple contractors and home service providers struggle to get enough work and unfortunately, we have seen too many businesses close their doors simply because they have not been able to obtain enough customers.  The real estate market is often saturated with numerous plumbers, Realtors, landscapers, contractors, etc and it’s usually only a few that thrive, while the others struggle.  I believe that this is because these professionals are not taught how to market.  The focus still remains on cold calling, door knocking and other old-school techniques, which honestly, don’t work anymore!  As residential redevelopers, we were taught similar strategies, but I knew there was a better way and because of this, we have been marketing online since 2013.  Since then, we have have reverse engineered numerous state-of-the-art, ninja marketing strategies within the real estate niche and have had the opportunity to share some of our strategies with top real estate professionals.

It has become one of my missions to help contractors, Realtors and other home service providers to grow their business online so that they no longer have to struggle.  I still remember the day that I helped my first Realtor client with lead generation.  She was blown away when I helped her generate over 400 new leads into her business in less than a month.  This was a huge win for her in her business as she knew with the online marketing strategies that I had implemented for her, she now could blow her competition out of the water!  Since then, I have created a system that allows me to help many business owners do the same.  I am literally obsessed with helping people grow their business and we are pleased to offer custom, industry specific, online marketing and lead generation services to help them become the leaders in their industry and absolutely dominate their market.

If you are ready to grow your business online, please give us a call.  It is our goal to partner with you and help you create a successful, thriving business.  We would love to schedule a free consultation with you to show you how we can start generating high quality leads for your business right away!  I will give you an honest consultation and let you know how we plan to grow your business.  Call me today at 505-803-2773.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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